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The mirror-lined walls of gymnasiums are a standard feature. While some people find these uncomfortable and too tacky, many are required to monitor the form of their workout. Did you ever wonder how these massive mirrors get placed in place? Are you looking to create one? Then, this video takes us through the extended process of glass and mirror installation for a humongous fitness wall mirror.

In order to install a mirror first you’ll need to have the right tools. The tools you require are a drill driver, hammer, level, pencil, screwdriver, or tape-measurer. Most likely, you won’t have to buy any hardware to hang a large-sized industrial mirror. To begin, clean the area where the mirror is to be put with a damp towel. This will help ensure that it is cured when the mirror is placed to the wall. Then, you should mark the location the area you’d like the mirror to stand using a pencil. There is a way to drill holes and then attach the large circles to the back. Finally, set the mirror on the wall, making sure that it rests evenly on the supplied j-bar. After that, you can take it off. the mirror, clean it off and after that, enjoy your fitness mirror.


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