Unusual Gravestones – Entertainment Videos

the words or quotes on the saying or quote. Some gravestones, however, have proved to be very inexplicably mysterious. This video will highlight some of the most interesting gravestones in the world.

The very first gravestone in the mystery is dedicated to the wives of the late Mr. Bean from the mid 1800’s. This man was unlucky enough to get married twice, with each wife dying shortly after. Their gravestone shared by them has alphabet of letters and numbers that are displayed. It took them until the 1970’s to decode the message. The message is nice saying that they are the gift of God and that they are in Heaven.

Another example is the smooth gravestones in Pennsylvania. The intricate designs on the stones resemble master stonemasons. The inscribed designs on these stones are , however, completely unwritten. In reality, they’re absolutely clean. There is a belief that they might have had names carved over them, rather than engraving. These elaborate, unmarked gravestones remain unsolved. Furthermore, even if there is only some of them; they are a variety of gravestones just like this one in Pennsylvania.


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