The Different Types of Teeth Explained – Prevent Tooth Decay


It is possible that you have noticed that your dog or cat’s teeth are different-sized teeth. When it comes to dogs, these two teeth, which are large in size, are referred to as canines. They’re used to puncture prey and take out parts for food. Humans also have various kinds of teeth. It is possible to discern the difference in their position and way they look.

This video will clarify the different types of teeth, as well as the functions they play. Molars are the teeth which extend all the way to the back of the mouth. They break the food we consume into small pieces. There are two layers of molars and are where the majority of people take their food. This allows us to chew food much more efficiently.

The teeth of our mouths are the toughest components of our body. Although they aren’t bone, they are made up of similar material. They’re strong due to the fact that they are composed of Calcium and Collagen. Teeth aid humans in communicating better.

Keep watching this video for more information about the various types of teeth found inside the mouth. Every tooth is used for a specific role.


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