Introduction to Web Hosting – UNM Continuing Education

r’s computer. These websites aren’t available via the internet. For your site to be online after it’s designed, you need to put it up in a server linked to the internet.

The renting of space on servers is known as web hosting. There are three major types which include shared hosting as well as virtual servers as well as dedicated servers. Each of them has benefits and drawbacks. Prior to putting your website up for everyone to check out, you’ll need to choose which one will work best for you.

Imagine a shared server in the same way as the equivalent of renting an apartment inside a structure. It’s the most economical option. Virtual servers are more like the townhouse. It is larger and can handle more visitors as compared to a shared server. Keep at heart that both these kinds of servers share a common space with other servers, and can impact the websites of others, much like your neighbors in an apartment building.

Dedicated servers are like houses or castles. They are your own property and can host many visitors. Even though they’re difficult to manage, you’re fully in charge of all functions and power.

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