What to Expect From a Neurological Rehabilitation Service – Health and Fitness Magazine

The term “neurological rehabilitation” is a term used to describe the care of the nerves. Rehabilitation can be needed for strokes or brain injuries, tumors, neurodegenerative diseases and other conditions. A neurologist, orthopedist, psychologist, physical therapy, occupational Therapist could make it on your rehabilitation team, based on the extent of nerve injury and the plan of treatment you’ve been given by your doctor.

Rehabilitation programs for neurology may consist of:

Help with everyday activities like dressing and eating, washing one’s hair, bathing, toileting, etc. It is also possible to learn to speak, write, swallow, or better read by taking part in speech therapy. • Management of anxiety, stress and depression. * Re-education of the bladder and bowels (movement) workouts, muscle control of gait (walking), and exercises that improve balance. Increased mobility, prevention or reduction in weakness due to lack of exercise, control of spasticity and pain, as well as maintaining range of motion are the objectives of exercises. * Training in the areas of behavioral and social skills Instruction on healthy eating routines * Participation in group services for the community * Individuals suffering from cognitive issues such as trouble concentrating, memory loss, and making informed decision-making. Watch the video to learn more about the neurorehabilitation programs available. oeg6yr87of.

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