Creative Ways to Use Bleach to Tie Dye Shirts – Home Town Colorado

Additionally, bleach can be used to make fun and creative t-shirts. Bleach is available at most shops for groceries across Colorado. It is also possible to have it in your house. When you’re ready to start, check out this video for three ways to use bleach to dye your shirts!

This art form is best executed in dark attire, such as black or navy. It won’t look equally impressive if your attire is lighter-colored clothing. Get your tools, like rubber bands, gloves, as well as bleach. Be sure to protect your eyes and skin against bleach using sunscreen. Start by spinning the clothes and secure it using rubber bands. How you spin it will determine the design the end result will be. Three different techniques will be described in the video. You must be cautious when you then begin to dye the clothes. This can happen very quickly, so ensure that you are safe. 12p3oim6qw.

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