What You Need to Know About Pipe Fitting – Madison County Library


Like, for instance, the video explains it is best to choose steel for transporting gas. Carbon steel pipes can be stronger than all other forms of piping constructed from copper, iron or plastic/PVC. When you are working with steel pipes you get the most ductile materials that are better suitable for fittings that are forged. Although you may want to tackle DIY (DIY) numerous projects for the sake of saving time and money, you should take an online class to understand the different kinds of pipe and their uses. This helps you prepare for a multitude of DIY tasks. You’ll also learn safety basics and the best way to set up pipes reducers as well as pipe tees which allow you to switch from one size of pipe to the next. It will teach you the basic of fitting and sealing pipe pipes. You’ll learn when you can apply PTFE tape to close joints and which temperatures you are able to use the tape. By watching these videos as well as an online training course, you can safely approach pipework.

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