Everything You Need to Know about Pediatric Nursing – Rochester Magazine

The video provides the basics of nursing for children. This video will help answer any doubts you might have concerning the care of children. Students of RN as well as PN may benefit from the videos. This video covers the topics that are commonly covered on nursing exams. This video tutorial series for Pediatric Nursing is created to aid RNs and PNs in studying for their tests in nursing school. It covers the ATI as well as HESI along with NCLEX. There’s a lot of overlap between these two programs. Students in PN must be aware of what they are learning. Pediatric nursing is complex. Be sure to take your time. It’s overwhelming. The video series is broken up into four series. The quantity of children’s disorders related to body systems is large. Nursing also is full of infant complications. As a nursing student, there is an extensive range of information to learn. Even more when you are studying for the nursing tests listed. You must keep in perspective that the exams may be retaken should the need arise. y16kj8vsr9.

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