Is Laser Treatment for Glaucoma Effective? – FATA Online

The eye’s pressure is reduced and it reduces pressure within it, which can treat the condition known as open angle Glaucoma. It reduces the pressure inside your eye to treat open-angle. The key is to visit an optician for advice on if laser treatment is appropriate for your needs.

The laser therapy process in which the doctor injects drops into your eyes to make it numb and then uses the special lens to focus at a laser (an intensive laser beam) directly into your eye in order to drain the fluid. While you undergo the procedure, there may be flashes of bright red or green light flashes. Many people experience little to no pain or discomfort during the procedure, however the vision might be blurred right after the treatment, which is why you’ll require someone to drive you home from the office of your doctor.

After laser treatment, most patients can return to their everyday routine the next day. Laser therapy is beneficial for a variety of people, but it does not fit for all. You’ll have to wait up to six weeks before you determine if the procedure was efficient. Most people will need to keep taking their medication for glaucoma regardless of having laser therapy. It is also necessary to come back at least a couple of times at which the doctor will assess the pressure in your eyes. vviggz4ntb.

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