How Auto Body Shops Repair Dents – Your Oil

It is not a good idea to leave your car with damage or dents. The equipment specially designed for the auto repair shop permits technicians to restore the frame and remove dents. This video explains.

One of the largest machines that auto body repair technicians use is a frame machine. There is a chance that you think that your car has been totaled if the frame has been damaged. The robust frame machine is able to pull your car’s frame back into place. It utilizes a set of chains and clamps in order to draw the frame’s metal as well as a specific measuring device to show the technician how close they are to fixing the car.

A flatliner can also be used to address minor dents. The mechanic will use a bright light to identify the form of the dents on your body vehicle and then mark the area with the high-vis pen. To eliminate the ding in the maximum extent possible using specially designed tools and pull keys.

It’s possible to leave the marks. This is where the Bondo procedure comes in. Bondo is a filler made specifically for cars that can be sanded smooth. Then the dent is covered and the vehicle appears as good as new.


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