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How do you apply Cricut vinyl.
Blank Prepared
The material utilized in this design is called blank since it is empty and is ready to be personalized. Blanks might be plastic bottles, wood signs, plastic tumblers, or bins.
Cut off the transfer tape using scissors. It ought to be slightly longer than the graphic. Use a scraper to smoothen the surface of the transfer sheet on vinyl. The process will remove bubbles in the air, as well as give the transfer paper a firm stick to the graphic.
Peel off the backing paper of the vinyl to leave the vinyl for Cricut design adhered to the tape.
Transfer the vinyl tape onto the desired location of the blank project.
Use a finger to smoothen the pattern of vinyl/transfer tape onto the blank. To eliminate air bubbles then press the design onto the blank using an abrasive.
Peel away the tape transfer, leaving the unaltered vinyl.
The vinyl might not adhere onto the blank. Apply the transfer tape again then press it down and rub the area to ensure proper adhesion prior to peeling the paper transfer off.
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