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While the bail systems differ across states, the fundamental principles remain similar.

Knowing Bail and Bail Bond

Bail is money or deposit of property with the promise to persuade the judge to release the defendant from jail. The bail agreement will include a promise and agreement with the judge that the defendant will be allowed to appear before the judge to be heard. The reason for this is to ensure that the defendant is able to show on time for the trial, without being detained.

They must have a substantial amount of money so they can not easily escape. In fact, the courts have pre-set bail amounts. A judge is able to alter bail amount.

This bond is different from bail bail bond because it is the defendant’s commitment to act as a surety. The court can take back the money if ever the defendant fails to show up. If the defendant is not able to attend court in time, an appearance at forfeiture may be scheduled and an arrest warrant issued.

As a representative of the defendant, the bail bondsman can also serve as security and also place bail. The bail bondsman may make money by charging interest equal to 10 per cent of the bail.

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