This is Why Your Copper Pipes Change Color – Family Tree Websites

Opper is an important material for plumbing. Indeed, copper pipes is used in plumbing for many years. Copper pipes are virtually guaranteed in older houses. Pipes that are copper-colored tend to be copper-colored and orange. You might however be shocked to discover that it’s drastically changed hue over time. In this video you’ll discover how and why this change occurs.

A change in the color of copper indicates it has been corroded. This chemical reaction is known as an oxidation. It gives off a light fresh green hue. The Statue of Liberty used to be coppery orange. While this corrosion was good for the Statue of Liberty it’s not ideal for your pipes. The process of corrosion could cause uneven pressure in your pipes, which can accelerate the process. Pipes could leak eventually. It’s crucial that you make a professional plumber check the pipes. The problem could become worse.


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