Mistakes That Are Costing You Money on Your Electric Bill – Best Financial Magazine

There are many who are of the same opinion and commit common mistakes that could result in high electricity costs. You could be among these people? Check this video out to find out.

A common error is not closing the refrigerator door entirely. A lot of times, we forget to shut the door, and it remains open a little bit for hours at the same time. This is plenty of space for hot air to be able to escape from the fridge. This may not be enough to spoil your food However, it’s will make your refrigerator run more. The end result is that this oversight will result in a significant increase in the form of your electric bill. It is particularly true if it happens periodically.

One common mistake is to not clean your refrigerator’s coils. If the coils haven’t been cleaned over time, your refrigerator’s cooling system could be inefficient. Contractors and electricians in the area generally suggest cleaning these coils at least twice every year. The result is cost savings over the long run. For more common mistakes and how to fix them, watch the rest of this video.


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