Installing Insulated Garage Doors – Family Issues

Garage doors that are insulated are a great option for those who reside in extreme climates; whether it gets very warm or extremely cold the insulation can help maintain or even increase your home’s energy efficiency. In this video, contractors will explain how they install an insulated garage door.

The doors for garages are made from steel outside, and polyurethane inside. Both polyurethane and steel give an insulation as well as durability. They also have double weather seals that are placed between both panels and in the area where the door meets the ground to ensure there is no gap.

The installers will set up each garage door following the removal of the previous door is removed. Nylon rollers are utilized to fit the door into the rail system. Once all is put together to make sure the rail system is aligned and connect to the tension bearings.

They are also working on updating the garage door opener. They are using a belt-fed mechanism instead of the chain. This system is more quiet and needs less care throughout its lifespan.

For more information on insulation for garage doors that are insulated, be sure to check out the video at the bottom of the page below.


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