Scam Centers Get Pranked Big Time – Entertainment News Today

They’ve been in existence since all of the stars. Criminals are always seeking ways to defraud individuals out of their hard-earned funds. Scams are becoming more sophisticated with the passage of time. These scams often involve individuals who pretend to be someone different. In the case of scammers, they claim to be tech support. Other scammers pretend to be friends of a loved one who needs help. These frauds are widely known to a large number of young people. However, these scams specifically concentrate on people of older age with a higher risk of falling for these scams. These crimes have been committed by professional criminals. This is about to change. It is essential to offer bail bonding that is cost-effective and reliable. In this clip you’ll find out the reason why.

Mark Rober is a YouTuber who has been seeking justice for those who have had their packages stolen from porch pirates. Three variations of his glitterbomb package are available. The package fools thieves by spraying glitter across the area. Also, the package contains a message that pretends to send the police to the scene. It also shoots out an odor spray. This creates a funny way to punish the porch pirates. But, in this video, he takes these pranks to an entirely new level as he pranks fraudulent.


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