Understanding Oil and Gas – Source and Resource

Earth. They provide power every day lives via the use of automobiles as well as planes and trains to mention a few examples. In this article, we will look at the origins of both oil or gas as well as the methods we can do to obtain these resources.

These resources are non-renewable. The process took millions of years for oil and gas to be formed. This video shows how billions and years of microscopic organisms dying, that later dropped to the bottom of the ocean floor, have been essential. In the time these organisms were in the depths of the ocean, they changed to oil as they grew.

Natural gas and the oil were then further buried into the ground, and there they would remain until it was moved by the Earth. Although some oil and natural gas eventually enter the service, most of the resources are under the earth.

Geologists utilize a myriad of methods to study the crust of the earth to locate pockets of oil or gas. After locating a particular pocket, it is expelled from that region using an operation of pumping.


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