How to Make your Bricks Last Longer – Best Self-Service Movers

It’s durable and strong. It’s a sturdy, durable material that can be damaged by severe weather. Damage to the structure, cracks and erosion issues can develop. This video will show you how weatherproof bricks can be durable for many years.

For waterproofing your bricks, it is necessary apply a waterproofing agent. It can be achieved through a masonry sealing firm. After you’ve got your waterproofing agent, use the roller or sprayer to apply it to all the exposed surfaces of bricks. It is not possible to apply too much waterproofing agent. It should take about 14 days for the concrete to absorb the agent. When the concrete is dry, these weatherproof blocks will be protected against snow, rain, and sleet. They’re hydrophobic, which means that they don’t hold onto water and then flows away. On the other hand, untreated bricks can absorb the water and can cause damage over time. You can easily distinguish un-weatherproofed bricks due to their more dark shade when they are moist.


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