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In the midst of court trials, there are thousands of people across the United States. The majority people are innocent and cannot afford bail, hence the incarceration. In an YouTube video entitled “Who Earns Money From Bail,” various speakers outline what happens and how to navigate the complex Bail Services while awaiting trial.

To understand how Robin Steinberg, founder, and CEO of The Bail Project, explains that bail bond cash has an impact that is different for the vulnerable society in the US. In the event that you’re unable to afford cash bail, which is quite expensive, people decide to use bail bonds. Bail bonds happen to give way out. Michelle Esquenazi CEO, Empire Bonding and Insurance She says bond brokers cosign bond payment contracts, as well as conditions and terms for bail service. This can be a tiring and costly process.

Across different American states, lawyers have spoken out against the unconstitutional fraud of bail bond companies. Although bail bond insurers are at risk of losing money, it’s not the same as a ticket to jail to take advantage of victims. rjecqragpj.

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