How to Clean Up After a Flood – Life Cover Guide

The unexpected can happen anytime. Even though being prepared for emergencies is vital however, in some cases there’s something you cannot do. There is a chance that you will be in flooding in your basement or house and not know what to do. For assistance, you may require contacting your local flood damage restoration firm. This video will teach you how to clean up following a flood.

First, turn off all gas and electrical appliances at home. Do not want to be shock while cleaning. Also, you should put on the appropriate protective mask like an N95 mask. It’s important because it is possible that mold has grown inside your room. If you inhale the mold, it can make you sick. Make sure you wear disposable gloves, clothing, and shoes. When you’ve prepared all your gear, make sure to take photos of the affected area. When you start cleaning up, trash anything that has been soaked up to one centimeter above the floodline. It is also recommended to remove any sheetrock which is one foot above as well as below the level of flood. It is also necessary to remove the old insulation too. There is a need to eliminate every drop of water that is in the home. Next, use Microban as well as bleach, to destroy the bacteria. Then, you’ll be required to dry the property. Also, be sure to open the windows for airflow and consider making use of box fan or carpet dryer.


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