Can Materials Other Than Water Be Used to Suppress Fires? –

It is possible for fire protection devices to work and to succeed when using materials other than water? This is a question that many large and technologically-based enterprises have had to answer over the years. We’ll take a look.
That’s the quick answer. If you have to guard the structure that is stuffed with electronic devices or expensive and advanced technology, the aim of fire suppression is expanded upon. Now, instead of simply suppressing fires systems have to ward off the flame and provide all the protection that is possible to the technologies housed in the room they’re within. Engineers were required to research alternative materials for suffocating the fire to accomplish this.
They were successful in their experiments, as well. It is now possible to install fire suppression systems that spray various foam solutions that can both prevent fires from happening and also preserve the functionality of electronics which are in danger. 9ev9xpxvh4.

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