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He provides some helpful tips about how he organizes a catering event and how to host small gatherings for 12 or less at in your home.

He has created a menu and Chef Buric will soon be preparing for a gathering of 150 people. The first step is to study the menu, so you know what in his pantry and can make the food in advance. Start by creating a grocery checklist that has separate list of meat, produce or dairy, as well as food items. He meticulously reviews the list of items before he starts shopping. Being able to multitask, as he puts it, is a crucial skill when it comes to food preparation.

Caterers can prepare multiple recipes simultaneously and frequently ahead of time. They begin by making sauces and soups at the start of the week, which increase in flavor. The majority of soups, sauces and salad dressings get better over time. Catering companies often have to prepare meals a week ahead of time.

To ensure that pasta is perfectly cooked, Chef Buric prepares salads and dips before serving. He cooks the meat of the day ahead , as well as appetizers and different dishes. Learn how to cut bread, and make hamburgers by using a scoop. Employing a catering service for a big event or gathering of more than fifty helps ease the pressure of making and cooking when there’s other work to finish. keg7id96y3.

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