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Both are good options for construction however, each has its particular strengths. They are both durable stones and can be found in a variety of hues. Porcelain has a higher durability than the other two. Ceramic is less porous than ceramic and should not be used in areas where there is water sitting on the surface regularly. Polished and textured surfaces can be found for both. Polished surfaces will show more footprints, toe prints and similar markings, but both are relatively easy to wash. The polished surfaces are easier to identify scratches. Both stones can be cleaned and polished. Kitchens and bathrooms are best served by porcelain is a better choice. Floors won’t see as much wear as walls. Polished might be better to use on walls with textured flooring. Both types of stone will be stunning towards the end of the day, but it depends on how much a person is willing to pay. Costs for each kind of tile will vary depending upon the finish, texture dimensions, color as well as other factors. Tiles won’t require replacement unless they are damaged. stl15nq3ah.

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