Are There Multiple Kinds of Granite? – Discovery Videos

Basis or Level One is the very first step. The name of the level suggests that this is the first thing you think of when you think of granite. It’s also the cheapest and most common to acquire. It’s uniform in colour and are of high quality. The basic structure of what originates from the quarries, the slab yards and suppliers before finally reaching the fabricators remains the exact same. Slabs are cut typically in three-eighths or less of one inch.

Second level or Level 2, is level that is the most exotic. The patterns and colors are different from what is normal. The normal slab thickness of about 34 of one inch.

The third grade is known as super exotics or level Three. It is sometimes called high-grade granite by some sellers. In light of its incredible color and pattern, this granite is considered the most costly. They can vary in color, pattern, as well as quality. Its usual thickness is minimum three quarters of an inch.

The one thing the different granite types have the same thing in common is the place they originate made. Granite slabs found throughout North America are made from granite that comes from India or China. zntaaw5hj8.

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