Tips for Negotiating a Custody Battle – New York State Law

This is a list of questions you may be considering asking

Perhaps you want to know, “Can a father get joint custody?” There is a yes. If the court rules that the father is entitled to joint custody, it is likely that the father will achieve this, if the mother agrees to it.

Perhaps you’re thinking something like ” Do I have the right to file for custody with no attorney?” or “Can I request joint custody and not need a attorney?” There is a simple answer, but it’s probably not best for you to apply for joint custody.

It is necessary to have legal representation to ensure your rights and the rights of your children. Do not hesitate to hire a family lawyer because too many issues can arise that might cause complications in your case. A lawyer will guide you at every stage of your custody battle. It is the most effective option to settle any disputes. Now you might be wondering, “Can I obtain a court-appointed child custody attorney?” While you may be able to locate a pro bono lawyer to help you out however, it’s not likely that the court will choose one. r9ezs39gtq.

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